Digital Download: Inferno (The Styx)

Digital Download: Inferno (The Styx)


Digital Download

Collage and acrylic on bristol

9" x 6" 

Downloadable .png file


The collage process involves working inside a set of rules.  In the case of the Inferno series those rules entailed sourcing all material from a single image from Duré's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy, figures (Dante, Virgil, etc.) should be omitted, the selections must consist mostly of parallel lines, and in the collage those lines should be set down horizontally. The result are images that evoke a feeling of being on the cusp, with something lurking out of view, but whose presence can still be felt.



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    This is a hi res downloadable .png file sold under Creative Commons: Inferno (The Styx) by C.J. Martin is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0